Modulus Academy

Chemistry Faculty

Saurav Khan

B.Tech, NIT Raipur

Chemistry (8 years’ exp.)

Saurav is B.Tech from NIT Raipur. Starting his teaching career at Resonance Kota, since 2010.He has taught hundreds of students who cleared IIT JEE including Palak Jain (AIR 28), Kushal Babel (AIR 28), Yash Gupta (AIR 163& AIR 1 in KVPY), Kirti Joshi (AIR 171), Sarthak Jain(AIR 261), Ritesh Kumar(AIR-578) Rahul Choudhary (AIR-454).His extraordinary skills of explaining the concepts of chemistry in simplified way rose him to fame at Resonance in a very short period, with lively and energetic environment in his classrooms, and known as “SRK Sir”, he is equally brilliant in all the segments of chemistry- Physical, Organic & Inorganic. Apart from being a brilliant teacher, Saurav is also known for his counselling & motivation to students helping them systematically eliminate their weaknesses.

Md. Kashif Alam has done Masters in ‘Chemical Control System’ with special paper “Plant Automation”. He is an accomplished faculty in Chemistry and Chemical engineering imparting quality education to JEE, NEET, GATE, IES and PSU’s across North and Eastern India. He has an experience of more than 5 years and has taught thousands of students. He has churned out hundreds of successful students in JEE, GATE & PSU’s, many of whom attended top 100 ranks and studied in the institute of their choices. Many of these students are doing exceedingly well in the field of research and corporate sector. MKA sir started his career from Pathfinder – West Bengal Zone and he churned great results in JEE including – Maniratnam Mandal (AIR 15), Arindam Pramanik (AIR 41), Akash Adhikary (AIR 72), Arpan Murmu (AIR 93), Sagar Soren (AIR 157), Nilesh Mandal (AIR 270), Ritwika Choudhary (AIR 303), Rashish R. Singhi (AIR 330), Samadrito Mandal (AIR 400), Debashish Sarkar (AIR 414) and many more.

Md. Kashif Alam

M.Tech, IIT Kharagpur

Chemistry (5 years’ exp.)

Gaurav Dhabhai

B.Tech, MNIT Jaipur

Chemistry (4 years’ exp.)

Gaurav Dhabhai is graduated from MNIT-Jaipur (Pink city) and known as wizard of inorganic and physical chemistry and he is a master faculty who fathom the challenges faced by those who prepared for IIT-JEE entrance examination. His organized teaching methodology makes students to understand the complexities of physical chemistry. His personality is simple and sober so students are so much emotionally attached to him. He is known by GD sir among students. He always keeps his lectures very lively and after attending even a single session any student may feel the difference of his teaching uniqueness.